We ship to the Contiguous United States (US excluding Hawaii and Alaska) for livestock orders using FedEx Overnight.

Shipping rates are listed below:

When will my order ship?

For all coral orders you will be contacted within 1 – 2 business days to arrange a delivery date. You need to pick a day when you will be home. The packages usually arrive before 12noon like they are supposed to, however there are times when FedEx is late, especially if you are very rural, so being available later to receive the package is best. You must be present when the package is delivered, although a signature is not required.

We do not ship corals without coordinating with you first.

If your order contains “frags cut to order”, they will need at least 7-14 days to heal before shipping, and the entire order will be shipped after that time. If your entire order contains all WYSIWYG pieces, orders can be shipped out after we contact you.

What will be done to ensure safe arrival of my order?

Each coral will be protected from trauma during transit with rigid plastic such as a plastic cup, although this will vary depending on the size of the piece. Each piece will then be double bagged and the entire order will be placed in a larger plastic bag and sealed. The bag will be placed in an insulated box. Any empty space within the box will be filled to minimize movement. The box may or may not contain a heat or cold pack which will be determined by the forecast temperatures during transit. The box will be appropriately labeled to facilitate proper handling of the package and help minimize the trauma that is normally associated with the shipping of packages.

Since we take full responsibility for their alive arrival, we may postpone the shipping day in the case of extreme weather at the destination. Additionally we will not ship out corals during busy shopping holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years Day. 

Our packaging technique has been officially tested by the FedEx Shipping Laboratory and as a result we are authorized shippers of marine fish and coral.

We have an outstanding arrive alive success rate!!!

*already included in the shipping rates is the insulated box fee

Please don’t hesitate to reach out at sales@coraleuphoria.com if you have any questions/concerns.