This is not a money-making attempt. It is simply a solution to the increasing number of questions I get on social media. Many of which are complicated and require lengthy back-and-forth communication. Unfortunately, as things progress, the less time I have for individualized attention.

The good thing for you is that there are many ways to be successful in this hobby and there is a ton of free information available on the internet. But, if you would still like my opinion, these products are for you.


Consult Type Explained:

Simple Single Question: Free with coral purchases. This is for a single question that requires a simple, usually one-email, answer. Communication will be through email.

In-Depth Single Question: This is for single questions like, “What’s wrong with my tank?” Or for single questions that require a lengthy analysis/answer and requires multiple back-and-forth emails. I spend hours writing these long emails that cover pretty much everything.

Media Consult: This is for complicated hobby-related questions or can be used to ask multiple questions and is good for at least 30 minutes (they often end up ~1 hour). We can communicate through FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, phone, text, email, or your preferred communication media. An appointment time/date will be set-up through email.