This is not a money-making attempt. It is simply a solution to the increasing number of questions I get on social media. Many of which are complicated and require lengthy back-and-forth communication. Unfortunately, as things progress, the less time I have for individualized attention.

The good thing for you is that there are many ways to be successful in this hobby and there is a ton of free information available on the internet. I recommend you try to figure things out on your own. I have a particular way of reefing that is well documented on YouTube. I spend a lot of time on those videos, so I wouldn’t say anything that I don’t believe and/or practice. Also, if there are things you don’t agree with in those videos, then you shouldn’t seek my advice. Instead seek advice from people who’s beliefs are in line with yours.

If you would still like my opinion, these products are for you.

Consult Type Explained:

Simple Single Question: Free with coral purchases. This is for a single question that requires a simple, usually one-email, answer. Communication will be through email.

In-Depth Single Question: This is for single questions like, “What’s wrong with my tank?” Or for single questions that require a lengthy analysis/answer and requires multiple back-and-forth emails. I spend hours writing these long emails that cover pretty much everything.

Media Consult: This is for complicated hobby-related questions or can be used to ask multiple questions and is good for at least 30 minutes (they often end up ~1 hour). We can communicate through FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, phone, text, email, or your preferred communication media. An appointment time/date will be set-up through email.

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