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An original Battlecorals piece obtained directly from Adam. Probably the most unique stag out there! A slow grower.

You are purchasing a frag of the pictured colony. Choose the frag size from the drop-down menu, as well as the shipping status.


Photography Note: Please see our photography FAQ page for information about how our pictures were obtained.


Shipping Status Definitions:

Fresh Cut: The frag will be cut after order is placed, will be mounted on a frag plug, and will require 7-14 days for proper healing before shipping out.

Ready-to-Ship: The frag was cut over 2 weeks ago and has properly healed.


Getting coral shipped to your home is easy:

  1. Add corals to your cart and checkout.
  2. Pick a day when you will be home in the morning and let us know in the comments section of your order (or wait for us to contact you after your order is placed).
  3. Receive the corals and let us know if there are any problems. In the rare event of a coral death, let us know and we’ll refund or re-ship a replacement piece.


More about this coral…

Grown in these water conditions:

  • Specific gravity 1.025 (refractometer)
  • Temperature 79.4 – 79.8 F (Neptune Apex Controller)
  • Alkalinity 8.0 dkH (Salifert test kit)
  • Calcium 410 ppm (Salifert test kit)
  • Magnesium 1400 ppm (Salifert test kit)
  • Nitrate 1 – 5 ppm
  • Phosphate 0.01 – 0.03 ppm


  • Requires strong quality lighting, such as T5s, LEDs, metal halide, or ideally a combination.
  • This piece was grown under a combination of MH and LEDs. Our colony gets about 500 PAR, although will do fine at lower PAR.


  • Provide adequate biological filtration such as quality porous natural live rock.
  • Use an appropriately sized skimmer.


  • SPS corals require abundant flow. Multi-directional moderate indirect flow mixed with random occasional strong direct flow is ideal.

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