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  • An authentic Two Guy Corals piece
  • 100% aquacultured
  • Fabulous teal green polyps, pink corallites, and frosty blue growth tips
  • A difficult piece to find
  • An Acropora millepora
  • A fast grower once it gets going
  • You are purchasing a fragment of the pictured colony
  • Fresh cuts can be shipped after just 7 days healing time
  • Mother colony grown under a combination of T5 and LEDs at about 350 PAR
  • Grown in these water parameters: Alk 8, Ca 420, Mg 1375, NO3<10, PO4<0.03
  • Plentiful, but gentle and diffuse, direct flow is recommended
  • Covered under Arrive Alive and Stay Alive Guarantees
  • Product will be shipped via UPS Next Day Air

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