In exchange for helping me trim some of my larger colonies, you get a great deal with the freedom to choose 7 of your own pieces. All frags will be at least 1″ (most over 1″), unless otherwise specified.

  • Choose 3 frags from Group 1
  • Choose 3 frags from Group 2
  • Choose 1 frag from Group 3
  • Frags will be fresh cut. Plan for ~10 days heal time before the entire order is shipped out.
  • 100% Aquacultured
  • One pack per order
  • Covered by Arrive Alive and Stay Alive guarantees
  • Ships free with UPS Next Day Air

Abe’s Remarks: The best way to figure out which corals you want is to use a large device like a tablet or computer. Have this page open on one tab of your browser, while having the “shop by coral colony” section open in another tab so you can look at the choices. Another option is to use two devices simultaneously. Sorry, I’m still trying to figure out a better way to do this…

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